TMJ & Headache Pain

Pain in the facial muscles and jaw joints may radiate to the neck or shoulders. Joints may be overstretched. You may experience muscle spasms from TMJ syndrome. You may feel pain every time you talk, chew, or yawn. Pain usually appears in the joint itself, in front of the ear, but it may move elsewhere in the skull, face, or jaw.

Dr. Chilton has had great success with the treatment of joint pain or head ache pain when the causes are correlated to clenching and grinding. Splint therapy is the use of oral appliances and Dr. Chilton is an expert in this field.

When the joints move, you may hear sounds, such as clicking, grating, and/or popping. Others may also be able to hear the sounds. Clicking and popping are common. This means the disc may be in an abnormal position. Headaches and or Migraines can also be a sign of TMJ syndrome. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact our office.

Dr. Chilton is highly trained in TMJ syndrome. The foundation of his training in this arena is from the highly proclaimed Pankey Institute. He will be able to evaluate your situation and treat accordingly to help you be able to live a normal healthy life style.

Some Treatments Offered for TMJ Syndrome Include:

  • Night Guards
  • Bite Evaluation and Occlusal Evaluation
  • Headache Evaluation
  • Splint Therapy
  • Sports Guards