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Teeth Implants in a Day By Dr. Paul Chilton

Smiling woman - New Dental ImplantsSame Day Teeth Implants are, without a doubt, a truly remarkable and for many a life-changing procedure. Dr. Chilton has perfected the art of crafting and placing Same Day Teeth Implants that restores chewing capacities, smiles, and confidence in one day. A Same Day Teeth Implant procedure is a temporary prosthesis that replaces all teeth resulting in replacing uncomfortable dentures or bypassing dentures all together. This procedure immediately ensures functionality, a smile and confidence and begins the journey toward full and permanent restoration.

Who can benefit from Same Day Teeth?

If you are suffering from the discomfort and stress that is the result from missing or failing teeth, or you are tired of dealing with the inconveniences of dentures, Same Day Teeth may be a revolutionary option for you.

What is the process for getting Same Day Teeth?

Same day teeth graphicCombining decades of experience with his extensive training and expertise, Dr. Chilton treats each patient individually. First there is a comprehensive evaluation of the unique structures of each patient. This includes possibly any remaining teeth, bone structures, occlusion, gums tissue and facial aesthetics. Once all variables have been assessed and a comprehensive safe plan has been prepared only then can the process begin. The goal of the initial surgery is the preparation of the oral tissue, placement of implants and fabrication of a temporary prosthesis. This prosthesis is referred to as “same day teeth”. This temporary restoration remains in place until the treated area is completely healed. At which time the permanent prosthesis is fabricated. This healing time is approximately 4 to 6 months. So, you never leave Dr Chilton’s office without any teeth.

Are your ready to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile?

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Same Day Teeth FAQs

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How much does Same Day Teeth cost?

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